WNOD Podcast Archived Episodes

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WNOD #1 - Cardboard Meows

1988 - In this wonderful first episode you will find Name That Nod, cat music, Guess The Tune, kids swearing at video games, helicopters, tanks, boogers, complaining, resolutions, ugly children, and an interruption by an asshole.

WNOD #2 - Balls Sings

1988 - In this entertaining second episode you will find Mr. Talk, Howard Cosell, Balls McGinty, Little Guy, an earthquake, and more cat music.

WNOD #3 - The Poor and Ignorant

1988 - In this poignant third episode you will find The Poor and Ignorant, Howard Cosell, Cardboard Meows, Little Guy taking over The Howard and Balls Show, and sound effects.

WNOD #4 - Nerd Hat

1988 - In this busy fourth episode you will find The Howard and Balls Show, more cat music, celebrity interviews, The Nerd Hat, Dr. Music, weather, Little Guy, and a discussion about salary.

WNOD #5 - Gato

1989 - In this hilarious fifth episode you will be entertained by Aardvark Ratnik, Gorbachev, Dan Rather, fairy magic, Dungeons & Dragons, and George Shell.

WNOD #6 - Comedy in the Kitchen

1989 - In this wacky seventh episode Lara joins the melee, Rob has Fruit Loops, Rob does not want anyone looking at him, much comedy ensues in the kitchen, and there is more swearing at video games.

WNOD 7 - Nod's Got a Brand New Box

1989 - In this loony eighth episode you will find a classical introduction, Baby Screw, asshole callers, technical difficulties, The Adventures of Pac Dude Part One, The George Show, tips, Freddy, On the Road with John John and Little Guy, Travelers Notebook, and Talk Talk Talk.

WNOD #8 - Educated Children

1989 - In this peculiar ninth episode we have farts and nuts, something must be stuck, educated children, front step swearing, and The Jabba Experiment.

WNOD #9 - The Rules are No

1989 - In this sunny tenth episode you will find the spring picnic, the importance of money, the infinite wisdom of Aunt Phyllis, and rambunctious children with water guns.

WNOD #10 - Playing With Balls

1989 - In this ballsy eleventh episode you will find people playing with balls, jokes, goofing off, a major spaz, throwing things, and the boys slowly losing it.

WNOD #11 - The George Show

1990 - Mister Wizard teaches science. The Chip Bangers bang their heads. A little old woman talks to George. George vomits. Kids jone on each other. Rocking Ron brings the rock and roll from West Virginia. Mister Wizard tries to explain thermodynamics. Shut the Beep Up is fond of explosives. Aardvark Ratnik wants to rule the world. George tells his amazing life story. A UFO shows up.

WNOD #12 - Plutonium in a Can

1990 - In this rambling twelfth episode the show goes on the road, Homey makes a dollar disappear, Rob steals material, and Rob is harassed by the plug puller.

WNOD #13 - Weak Eye Beams

1990 - In this adventurous thirteenth episode Rob, Justin, and Lara battle angry serpents, eagles with eye beams coming out of their mouths, and gloating bad guys.

WNOD #14 - The Greatest Show on Earth

1990 - In this the greatest fourteenth episode you will find visual gags, the old bum, dancing, singing, selling, farting, Dad not renting his breath out, Rob acting normal, The George Show, The Cool Show, Wall Climbers, and The Howard and Balls Show.

WNOD #15 - The Balls McGinty Boogaloo

1990 - In this conclusive fifteenth episode the first season wraps up with Justin singing loudly, The Howard and Balls Show after breakfast, strange children, singing girls, Justing feeling lonely, nose picking, Vaudevillian radio, dickless assholes, DJ Rawbutt, and one last turd.

WNOD #16 - Pubescent Radio

1991 - Gabe and Rob go through puberty, Gabe has video game hints, Howard makes an appearance without Balls, the boss checks in, DJ Cousin stops by, the show takes a trip to violent downtown, and Talk Talk Talk takes hot phone calls.

WNOD #17 - The John Maier Hour

1991 - John, Robert, and Justin scream, shout, dance, play a game show, read the wrong commercials, and cause general chaos.

The Dan and Rob Show #1 – Large Orange Drink

1991 - In this debut episode, Dan and Rob try to sell you things you do not want. Little Guy angers visits a deli and a convenience store. Rob debunks wild theories. A crazy lady invades the studio. Dan and Rob take callers. Washington, DC traffic is dangerous. The sebaceous Criscoman makes an appearance. Rob takes an equality test. News and weather are important. The Criscoman rockets away.

WNOD #18 - The Tan Man

1992 - This is a jam-packed episode! A black guy shows up, wrong numbers are dialed, the Tan Man brings the fat beats, the Criscoman can’t help himself, the WNOD Quiz stumps the callers, and George Shell makes a rare appearance.

The Dan and Rob Show #2 – No Wire Hangers

1992 - In this sophomore effort, Dan and Rob continue to push products that no one wants. The Grey Poupon Game does not go well. Little guy angers his wife. Jack the Wack gives the weather from a back alley. Traffic is disrupted. The Criscoman crashes the studio. Rnald spells words. Biff is a master of aviation. Hanz and Franz play golf. Pizza is ordered. Nothing is over! Dan tries to tell a scary story. Rob and Justin prepare for the Grand Canyon.


WNOD #19 - The Criscoman Fantasy

1992 - The Criscoman takes charge for an entire episode, ensuring his future unemployment. Luckily Biff shows up at the end of the show, making this episode not a total waste of time.


The Dan and Rob Show #3 – Mister Speaker

1992 - After a brief pre-introduction introduction, Dan and Rob introduce their third show, then they speak about variety. Barney gives the news. There is traffic on the beltway, surprisingly. Dan and Rob recap their vacations. Criscoman brings a cow into the studio. The Grey Poupon Game is attempted again. Barney flies everyone to the Grand Canyon. An angry black guy has an opinion. 


The Dan and Rob Show #4 – Crispy Chicken

1992 - After a rousing introduction for this fourth and final show, Barney arrives. Dan tells a story about a trash can. Halloween is scary, right kids?  Sunny and Sticky tackle the 1992 political debates. The Bodge truck sale will save you money. Don't miss Rapfest '92! Dan takes the Fast Food Quiz. Charly wants to move to West Virginia. The news is sad. The holidays are upon us. The weather is happy. The show is over.


WNOD #20 - Ready Set Go

1993 - The Criscoman is back for more wacky, stolen hijinks. Gabe, Rob and Justin compete in the Super Mario Kart championship. The Adventures of Pac Dude is finally finished.

WNOD #21 - The Year in Review

1994 - Cast: Robert Burnham, Justin Burnham - The Criscoman has been fired. Balls makes a special appearance for The Year in Review. After playing some leftover Criscoman tapes, it is back to The Year in Review. Rob plays with the callers and tells some jokes.

WNOD #22 - Dungeons and Death

1994 - On today's episode, dice are rolled, hit points are lost, rules are explained, and then the batteries run out. Things do not end well.

WNOD #23 - The Search for Little Guy

1994 - Cast: Robert Burnham, Justin Burnham, Lara Crigger - Rob finds some leftover Criscoman tapes. Rob plays a Top Ten Music Countdown with special guest Howard Cosell. Lara questions the numbering of the shows. Little Guy has gone missing, so the WNOD crew goes searching for him in the snow.


WNOD #24 - The Round Up

1994 - Cast: Robert Burnham, Justin Burnham - Robert and Justin explain the firing of the Criscoman. Rob tells some jokes, sings, and has fun with sound clips. Rob thanks a bunch of assholes.


WNOD #25 - Waste of Time - 1995

1995 - Justin makes fun of Rob for recording video games. There is grenade fishing. Rob plays an old tape of him and Justin yelling over a video game. Rob was in an accident. Allen and Rob spend an evening together. Rob gives us a look at some behind-the-scenes radio drama. People yell at Rob. Rob tells jokes over music. Justin hosts WDUH. Howard tries to read copy. WNOD looks back on an old friend. Justin wonders why.


WNOD #26 – Rolling the Dice

1995 - Robert, Justin and Lara go on a very silly adventure. The word "like" is spoken frequently.


WNOD #27 - The Death of Howard Cosell

1995 - Gabe shows us his illegal face. Rob tells a scuba diving joke. Arnold needs help with a jar. Howard Cosell is dead. Rob talks about his favorite cartoon about giant toy robots. Rob and Lara make fun of the robots.


WNOD #28 - Confused

1995 - Rob hosts a quiz. Rob broke up with his girlfriend. Rob takes a trip to Hickville. Rob has jokes to tell. Cut to Gabe and Rob in the car listening to music. Gabe and Rob love video games. Rob learns that he has missiles. Gabe and Rob go to the movies. Then it is end of show.


WNOD #29 - One Hot Summer

1995 - John and Rob sing for you. Rob is almost old enough to buy porn. OJ is guilty. Rob encourages people to join the Navy. Rob moves to Hickville. Rob knows how to scratch.


WNOD #30 - Unnecessary

1996 - Rob plays the highlights of Pulp You, a WNOD production. Rob claims he used to be a police officer. Rob and Lara discuss courtroom blunders and cows. Rob tells some jokes.


WNOD #31 - WNOD Does Ocean City

1997 - WNOD is headed to Ocean City, Maryland! Gabe was standing by a fountain. Everyone loves lesbians. Gabe really wants a Tamagotchi. Peter has questions about Little Guy. Peter is trouble. Rob is terrible at video games. Jolly Roger has the worst haunted house ever. Rob wins a jeep. It's all crap.

WNOD #32 - WNOD vs Nobody

1997 - In the aftermath of Ocean City, the guys are tired and horny. The traffic guy doesn't give the traffic. Nod Jr. does not like Rob. Rob plays a preview of a Star Wars parody. Mike Tyson celebrates Christmas. Nod Jr. has an opinion on Justin. WNOD is now in stereo! Rob has thoughts about music and women. Beavis and Butthead like listening to the radio. Rob has a joke about water. Brak sings for us.


WNOD #33 - Adventures in Radio

1998 - Gabe and Rob talk about video games on a desert island. Rob tells a story about death. Gabe owns all of his video games. Peter needs to find the Tamagotchi. Rob yells about DC traffic. Gabe and Rob drive around Laurel so they can buy something. Gabe has eccentric friends. Some video games are terrible. Gabe has no dukes.


WNOD #34 - Shits and Giggles

1998 - Gabe shares My Little Pickle Love Song. Gabe cooks pancakes. Did we mention WNOD is now in stereo? Gabe explains the details of The Addy and Gabe Movie. Gabe and Rob discuss the future of video games. Gabe explains radio. Music is fun. Did Gabe and Rob unknowingly attend daycare at the same time? Gabe thinks everyone is evil.


WNOD #35 - Lara Style

1998 - Lara does a solo show that involves playing old tapes, stealing bad jokes, playing the piano, candid recording, and reading the news. Lara attempts the classic WNOD pizza delivery bit. Lara reveals deep, dark secrets about her radio past. Everyone loves state mottos. Lara hacks into Rob's email and finds disturbing information about the future of WNOD.


WNOD #36 - In a Ditch

1998 - Rob yells in his car again. Gabe likes tequila. Gabe talks about his new lady. Gabe and Rob share a comfortable silence. Gabe is in a ditch.


WNOD #37 - 10th Anniversary Season Finale Special Presentation

1998 - Rob bugs Lara. Rob tells a joke about going to the doctor. Why are we here? Rob and Lara drive around and run things over. Religious people piss Rob off. Rob talks politics, sex and racism. “I like monkeys.” Rob has no friends. Lara and Rob discuss their parents. Lara is angry about her social life. Rob is angry about something. Lara stole a joke. Men should not do certain things at the gym. Rob laments stupid people. The human race is doomed.


WNOD #38 - WNOD Hates Christmas

1998 - Rob hates Mormons but loves the Greaseman. Rob loves breasts. Gabe loves his new woman and hates his previous girlfriend. Gabe hates driving. Rob hates stop signs. Gabe has problems and issues. Gabe asks the eternal question. Personality goes a long way. Large orange drink! Wrestlers should be presidents. Rob hates Bill Clinton. Gabe and Rob hate Christmas.


WNOD #39 - Bored

1999 - Rob and Lara talk about sex, porn, dating, sound effects, and comedy. Aunt Phyllis joins them to remind them of the rules. Rob reads the news poorly. Time for a cat song. Lara cracks her knuckles. Lara reads airline announcements. Rob and Lara have trouble reading. Rob has trouble ending the show.

WNOD #40 - Not TV

1999 - Allen tells us about men's hands. Allen and Rob have bad jokes. Call 976-FUCK. We spend billions. Rob talks about love. Rob's classmates love physics. Bryant flips out. John wants attention. Then it’s time for The Balls McGinty Show! Be sure to support our sponsors by buying a hair weave, an alien turtle zapper, and an alarm. Mister Nobody shows up for an interview. There is a news flash. Balls hosts the night of bad comedy. Someone gets shot.

WNOD #41 - Aztec Sex Implements

1999 - Allen and Rob drive around Northern Virginia discussing music, computers, porn, the internet, women, sex toys, the secrets of WNOD, pudding, college, and customers. Mr. Cow shares helpful tips for annoying your friends.

WNOD #42 - Small Tacos and Successful Relationships

1999 - The future will not be like TV. Gabe and Rob discuss putting WNOD on the internet. What makes a successful relationship? Why are the tacos so small? Large orange drink! The Greaseman was fired. Rob and Gabe discuss Speckle Tour '99. Gabe has a crush on Lara. Offensive WNOD slogans are funny. The Greaseman is still fired. But wait... there's more! Stay tuned for bonus content at the end of the show, including deleted footage, screw ups and outtakes.

WNOD #43 - What is WNOD?

1999 - Rob freaks out in traffic again. Gabe realizes he is funny. Gabe and Rob do not understand. Screwed up people are fun. Gabe and Rob are Larry King. Gabe came. Would Rob and Gabe share a woman? What is the Matrix?

WNOD #44 - Dats Right

1999 - Gabe and Rob drive in circles. Gabe buys a video game. Gabe and Rob almost die. Rob explains Transformers. El Diablo Negro! Gabe ran out gas. Gabe meets women online. Movies are not that important. Gabe really wants pancakes. Candy is more important than charity. Rob says "AMF!"

WNOD #45 - Plan A

1999 - Embarkation. A plethora of bodily functions. Mormons need to stop breeding. Gabe explains the plan. Who the hell do Rob and Gabe think they are? This way to death. The map is obviously broken. Got to get some of that unisex. There is deliberation, then the denouement.

WNOD #46 - Ha

1999 - Rob still can't drive. Gabe dropped his glasses. "Are we recording?" Dan Quayle for president! Gabe and Rob are having Froot Loops. Gabe and Rob almost die in the morning. Rob has a moment of masculinity. Gabe and Rob discuss tacos and tattoos. What's the deal with gas prices? Gabe explains the rage in the cage. Rob talks about past family drama. What happened to Nod? Gabe can sing. Gabe says, "Ha." Gabe and Rob accurately predict the future. Rob reads bumpers.

WNOD #47 - Return to Ocean City

1999 - Finally the Nod has come back to Ocean City! Gabe to smokes at a gas station. Alcohol is fun. Everyone loves the fudge factory. Cigarettes are tasty. Do not be like Peter. War is funny. Rob misses the Greaseman. Girls are looking for Big Peckers. Gabe gets all the internet ladies. Women are horny. Peter continues to talk. Gabe and Rob met a woman named Megan.

WNOD #48 – It Doesn’t Matter

1999 - Here comes Gabe and Rob. The Rock doll says, "Ah!" Gabe is so big and large. Time to get ripped. Monkey bitch. This is Big Jew Radio. Gabe loves wrestling. DJ Rob and MC Lara play the hits!

WNOD #49 - Episode Something or Other

1999 - Rob and Lara talk about sex, relationships, The Phantom Menace, and pants. Rob rambles in the car. Rob shares half-baked news. Rob reads the story of the Purple Wombat.

WNOD #50 - Old Man's Penis

January 2001 - Gabe and Rob discuss forbidden love, morals, snakes, Transformers, old man’s penis, and the history of WNOD. Then they say goodbye once and for all.